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WORKSHEET was established in 2015, focusing on the material regeneration from community fibrous waste, turning it into quantified community resources by material recycling production measures.
We work with material scientists, machinic engineers, manufacturers, NGOs, universities &  labs to create a system from material R&D, waste collection, design and production to public education, serving as an intermediary catalyst that incorporates each independent party into the  system and translates their special field of study into valuable solutions.

Facts about Paper and Paper Waste

  • More than 199 tons of paper has already been produced (paper production in 15 seconds).

  • 93% of paper comes from trees.

  • 50% of the waste of businesses is composed of paper.

  • Recycling 1 tonne of paper saves around 1400 liters of oil, 26,500 liters of water and 17 trees.

  • Packaging makes up one third or more of our trash.

  • Paper accounts for around 26% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste.

From sustainability to regeneration

Regenerative design restores, renews and revitalises the sources of materials while fulfilling the needs of society within the boundaries of sustainability. 

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