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Sustainable Materials

The Multi-regeneration FibreMaterial is made of recycled pulp, fiber waste and modified plant-based extract.
The used block can be collected and reused as raw materials for recycling production of the block once again, it caters for the needs of local waste reduction, sustainable product as well as to promote local circular economy.


Application in furniture and installation design

Integrating the concept of material engineering technology with structural design, allows us to increase the ductility of Fibre Materials while meeting the demand for Furniture and Installation requirement.


Paper to Print

Hub Paper incorporates naturalness and flexibility into the material. It is designed to retain the primary fiber texture of local waste paper for a balance of touch and aesthetic. It is a perfect material for storytelling and event products. 
A multiple regeneration system is developed to recycle used Hub-paper products into raw pulp once again for next production, achieving a 100% local closed loop recycling system.


Materials: Introduction

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